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At GRD, we just don’t construct because the very word smacks of crudity; we don’t even create. Rather, we carve out our esteemed customers’ homely imaginations into picture-perfect structures of bricks and walls that bespeak our total dedication to them.

Remember, a home is not just a roof over one’s head. It’s an emotional investment of lifetime and we understand this sentiment too well to ever let our customers down in our assurances. Because we assure. We never claim. Moreover, our assurances are never grandiose. We assure what we’re confident of accomplishing. In a nutshell, we never bite off more than we can chew.

“Assurances you can home in on!”

What We Do

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A company which aces at making bespoke residential and commercial projects, GRD doesn’t make the customer adapt to it’s product but adapts the product according to its customers.




It is a fact that in today’s age people know how to earn money but have no idea how to invest it wisely. Why rely on amatures for a do or die decision. Ask the Industry Experts!



Commercial Leases

With new asset classes coming up and new people traveling or new inventory needing specific attention, Commercial Leases is a industry which needs at most attention to the detail and a customer centric approach. We are great at just that!


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Construction | Consulting | Commercial Leases

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GRD has been with us right from the decision making before the purchase to the society formation and even after that. It has been a very transparent and heartfelt experience with everyone at GRD.

Dr. Mukund Sangamnerkar (Home Owner, Gaurav Residency)

Dealing with GRD has been a journey that made me feel more relieved everyday! In all senses they took away all my worries and gave me realistic promised returns!

Girish Chaudhari (Investor)

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