N.A Plotting

NA Plotting

NON AGRICULTURAL plots are the legal prerequisites to proceed in the real estate. The recent stringent laws have made it very clear and distinct as to which piece of land does and doesn’t fall in the agricultural category. So that tomorrow, it may not create a legal tangle and judicial imbroglio.

GRD’s well-equipped law-abiding team sees to it that there must never be a legal twist to the land causing even an iota of harassment to our valued customers. GRD’s clarity and transparency see to it that it must be title free and above all legalities whatsoever. In short, there’s no turbidity in our deals.

Government Projects

Government Projects

Working very closely with the clients and customers GRD Infraprojects has taken it upon them to provide as many residences to the needy as possible. While working for the people and so closely understanding and resolving their problems, GRD decided to venture into Government projets which will help them affect and assist the masses at a larger extent. Government Projects hence have been a priority for us at GRD.

LIG/MIG Housing


Home is every individual’s ultimate dream. It’s the culmination of all our desires, wishes and aspirations accumulated over the years. We understand and relate to the innermost longings of people wanting to have a home of their own because a home is not just a structure of bricks and mortars, it’s an emotional abode of our safe, secure and standard existence on earth.

Since a home entails a considerable amount of money and often consumes one’s lifetime investment, GRD caters to customers belonging to all strata of the society. From the bare minimum to the creamy layer, we’ve homes of all hues for the people of all income groups.

You needn’t despair on this count as you’ll be spoilt for choice when you look at the wide array of our homes for all categories. The gamut of housing options will leave you astonished and wonder-struck.

Commercial complex

Commercial Complexes

Besides, housing projects, GRD also provides medium and huge commercial complexes keeping in mind the needs and requirements of a commercial set-up. It needs expertise to strike the perfect balance between housing and commercial execution in a real estate scenario.