Awards & Recognitions


A company Which believes in putting their sole efforts for the betterment of the people connected to it and not work for credits.GRD Infraprojects has a legacy of working and waiting for the work to speak for itself.

GRD Infraprojects has been awarded at the CCCI Conference 2017 held at the J.W.Marriott and individually Gaurav Attarde (MD of GRD Infraprojects ) won the best content award for enlightening the audience at the  Health care summit with common property & wealth management issues & how to avert them.

Corporate Social Responsibility


GRD Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd. takes care of the society and makes sure that the society is also benefited from the company’s existence.

The company has always had a hand in charity without branding or marketing the same. The leadership of the company is of a vigilant and empathetic individual who believes in giving beyond bonds. The management and owners conduct free trainings for underprivileged people on financial management and over all how to be better at business.

The management and owners specifically feel the need to educate every individual who has a potential to earn and is just pulled back due to lack of education. The company was started from scratch and hence the need of proper direction to any businessman is felt the most then. This drove them to join hands and do something better for the society!



Cozy Life-4

Sustainability for many is the need of the hour but for a company like GRD Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd. it is  the principles and the values on which the organization is established. The organization will definitely overlook the immediate profits for a long term agreement and for a correlative business. Sustainability was never a concern!

Rewarding You

rewarding you

A company which believes is creating a long term bond with all its customers. Rewarding you is a section where the company offers an additional discount for every reference given by them and a additional discount if that customer becomes a part of the GRD Family.

rewarding you

Press Releases


Changed trends in Renting property, improved market shares of Serviced apartments

Real Estate in India has undergone a sea-change in recent years. From humdrum flats to Serviced Apartments,
real estate has witnessed a tsunami of changes and now it can be said that this rather unorganized sector has become organized and come of age.

Home and hearth are the fundamental prerequisites for every individual. When the basic needs are fulfilled,
come 3 Cs: Choice, Comfort and Creativity.